Women in Recovery


Terri  Thomas, a recoveree from co-dependency, talks with female recoverees from addiction, women with loved ones in recovery, female addiction professionals & leaders in the recovery community.

On Demand Shows

7/22/14 – How Cheryl Became an Angel After Her Son’s Death

6/22/14 – Guest Host Ashlee with therapist Anne Weymouth & Recoveree Lisa

5/13/14 – Tricia Abney of Addiction Jobs Board on Careers in the Recovery Field

4/8/14 – Gina Tabrizy, MFT, on Subtle Trauma & Addiction

4/1/14 – With Janet Engel of SOS – Save Our Sobriety

3/25/14 – Wellness Day Re-Play on Holistic Health, Yoga & More

3/11/14 – With Marijene Widman on Nutrition in Recovery

2/25/14 – With Ann Laverty, Author of “Unraveled”

2/11/14 – Artist Chelsea Perron on Creating Her Art, Her Recovery & Her Life

1/28/14 – With Mariel Harrison of Young People in Recovery & Dr. Seeta Arjun of In Focus Urgent Care

1/14/14 – Lynee Gassel on Her Book, “Fifth Child: The Turbulent Path That Led to Raising Our Child’s Child”

11/26/13 – Loralee Rozzano’s Powerful Story and Her New Novel, “Jagged Little Lies”

11/19/13 – With the COA Women’s Recovery Group

11/5/13 – Debrief After COA’s Recovery Coach Training

9/24/13 – With Author Sue D’Ambrosio, Whose Book “Why My Son?” Explores Her Son’s Death From a Heroin Overdose

Disclaimer: City of Angels NJ, Inc. is not responsible for the views, opinions or ideas expressed on any programs by program hosts or guests.

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