Lighten Up


LIGHTEN UP, with Host  Sammy Pica, a lighthearted show that laughs at recovery & life itself. These guys are funny – some are standup pros – but don’t let that fool you: they know it takes a super strong person to laugh thru life’s challenges.


2016 On Demand Shows

2/3/16 – The Superbowl of Presidential Politics

1/20/16 – Trump, Obama & Much, Much More*…

1/13/16 – If I Won the Powerball

1/6/16 – New Year’s Resolutions

12/30/15 – Debut Show – Weirdest Places You’ve Slept, Trenton Bathtubs & More….

* Warning! This show contains funny but explicit material! If you’re not ready for some raunchy, raucous fun, please do not listen.
Disclaimer: City of Angels NJ, Inc. is not responsible for the views, opinions or ideas expressed on any programs by program hosts or guests.
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