Hope Fiend


Recoveree and minister Rich Mollica delves into the traumas and anguish that often accompany addiction with amazing stories of hope and redemption.

On Demand Shows

5/17/14 – With Dallas Mooney from Full Gospel Assembly in Brookhaven

5/12/14 – Counselor Tina Samyan on Growing Up in an Alcoholic Household

3/22/14 – With Pastor Tim Patrick of Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia

2/8/14 – With Brad Jones on Parenting Children During Active Addiction & Incarceration

1/18/14 – With Sophia Foutres, a Missionary Who Rescues Addicted Prostitutes

1/11/14 – Lisa Winkleblech on Addiction & Post Abortion Trauma

1/4/14 – Cindy Outlaw: Getting Clean Without 12 Steps or Rehab

12/28/13 – When Your Parents Are Addicted

11/23/13 – Pastor Tracy Saletta on Atheism, Post Abortion Grief & Addiction

11/16/13 – Aislynn Vaughn: from Prostitution & Incarceration to Recovery

11/9/13 – Debut Show: How Trauma & Rape Led to Addiction

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