Emotional Sobriety


Andy Finley, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist based in California, delves into the emotional issues related to recovery.

On Demand Shows

1/4/14 – With Courtney Webster of Your Recovered Life

12/31/13 – With Ross Remien on Holistic Treatment of Addiction

12/14/13 – With David Lisonbee, CEO of Twin Town Treatment Centers

12/7/13 – With Kelly Seidlitz on Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Treatment of Addiction

11/23/13 – With Dr. Allen Berger: Recoveree, Author & Psychologist Extraordinaire

11/16/13 – With Herb Kaighan: What Do You Actually Believe About God?

11/9/13 – Self Defeating Behavior and Key Personality Types a la Earnie Larsen

11/2/13 – Sobriety vs. Recovery: A Chat with Sober Living Home Owner Jeremy Stanton

10/26/13 – Debut Show: What Is Emotional Sobriety?

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