Laughter and Recovery


Stand up Comic in Recovery Wil B. Kleen shares laughs along his journey and hosts other comedians in recovery.

On Demand Shows

7/23/14 – The Substance Abuse Championship Belt

6/25/14 – The Best of WBK’s Commercials

5/28/14 – Getting Real with Real, the Realtor in Recovery

4/30/14 – Constipation & Addiction, Painkiller Sales Reps & More…

4/2/14 – Favorite Rehab Commercials & Other Ridiculousness

3/19/14 – Myths of Marijuana Use

3/5/14 – What Would Addiction Be Like If You Were Amish? And More…

2/26/14 – Tribute to Harold Ramis

1/22/14 – Addiction Bedtime Stories & Other Hilariousness

1/8/14 – Meet Alexa, WBK’s New Protogee

12/18/13 – Christmas Show

9/11/13 – Comedians in Recovery

8/14/13 – Debut Show on The Benefits of Laughing Thru Recovery

Disclaimer: City of Angels NJ, Inc. is not responsible for the views, opinions or ideas expressed on any programs by program hosts or guests.

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