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Your Legal Recovery


DUIs? Drug court issues? Child custody concerns? Other legal questions? Ask Saul Segan, COA’s Director of Legal Affairs, and learn about your rights.

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Living Clean and Sober Blog

Living Clean & Sober explores what it’s like to live in a sober home.

Wings Over Water: Creativity in Recovery Blog


Recovery musician and songwriter Kathy Moser travels around the country to explore the creative side of recovery. Through visits with artists, writers, performers, poets and other creative recoverees, she proves that you don’t need drugs to create incredible art. Every episode includes great music and exciting guests. When she isn’t performing or recording radio shows, Kathy visits rehabs and writes recovery theme songs for recovering addicts (How cool is that?!)

Wellness in Recovery Blog


True Recovery is about feeling completely whole, healthy and well. In this show,
Health Coach Nancy Tilelli, CHHC, explores how recoverees can use holistic health
and other practices to experience deeper levels of mind/body/spirit connection.

Stop Feeding the Predators Blog


Stop Feeding the Predators is an Ohio-based non-profit dedicated to helping
victims of childhood sexual assault find healing from past traumas. 

Share Your Scars Blog


In every episode of “Share Your Scars!” host Vicki Duffy speaks candidly about
every aspect of self-inflicted violence, self-injury & self-harm including her
own struggles and journey of recovery.

Families and Recovery Blog


Cathy and Bill have many years of experience managing addiction. In this show, they share their experience, strength and hope.

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