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With hundreds of inspiring episodes, COA Recovery Radio offers the largest selection of Recovery podcasts on the web. Shows talk about personal stories of recovery, family recovery, staying well in recovery, getting beyond self injury, and much more!

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Featured Shows

Cathy and Bill have many years of experience managing addiction. In this show, they share their experience, strength and hope. Contact them at cathyandbill@cityofangelsnj.org.

To visit the “Families and Recovery” show page, click here.

True Recovery is about feeling completely whole, healthy and well. This show explores how recoverees can manage important health issues, especially with holistic approaches.

To visit the “Wellness in Recovery” show page, click here.

In every episode of “Share Your Scars!” host Vicki Duffy speaks candidly about every aspect of self-inflicted violence, self-injury & self-harm including her own struggles and journey of recovery.

To visit the “Share Your Scars!” show page, click here.

Recovery musician and songwriter Kathy Moser travels around the country to explore the creative side of recovery. Through visits with artists, writers, performers, poets and other creative recoverees, she proves that you don’t need drugs to create incredible art.

To visit the “Wings Over Water” show page, click here.

 “Living Clean & Sober” explores what it’s like to live in a sober home.

To visit the “Living Clean and Sober” show page, click here.

“Stop Feeding the Predators” is an Ohio-based non-profit dedicated to helping victims of childhood sexual assault find healing from past traumas. 

To visit the “Stop Feeding the Predators” show page, click here.

COARR is owned and operated by City of Angels NJ, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps people with addictions get into treatment and stay clean. To learn more about COA, or for help, click here.  To contact COA Recovery Radio, email CityofAngelsNJ@hotmail.com.

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